Taking Flight

Hello dear readers.

Been a while. I know, I’m terrible at staying in touch. Mea culpa.

The good news is I can now officially unveil the details of that “new project” I mentioned a while back. It’s called Fireflight, and I could not be more excited to share it with the world.

You can get all the specifics on the page dedicated to this new EarthCrossing series, but I’ll sprinkle a little on top, just for you:

I mentioned before that this project had me working outside of my comfort zone, but let me say I’ve never been happier to feel so uncomfortable. I made changes to both my writing process and my overall style with this one. I challenged myself, unsure if I was up to the task of telling this tale as it needed to be told. Looking back now with 20/20 vision I can say I think I got it right.

I stuck to a rigid schedule, despite life’s other obligations, and was able to complete the manuscript in only a year. I wrote it in first-person, something I never thought I’d enjoy or do well. I kidnapped themes and ideas out of classic fantasy, gave them a makeover, and forced them to cage-match with a modern-day tale of youth entering adulthood. I did my best to keep the narrative clean and streamlined, avoiding some of my tendencies to get a little eccentric/esoteric. I say “some”, because this is me, after all, and I can’t help being a little grandiose with my language here and there.

Anyway, I see great things for this series going forward, limitless possibilities, and I hope you enjoy the tale as much as I have.

Click on over to the EarthCrossing section, and get to know a young man named J.J. Harris.

As always, happy reading.