Caeli   noun   \chay-lee\   Latin for “heaven”

In the beginning the void was all. A flash of light breaks through the darkness, heralding the birth of life and existence. Energy gathers, expands, coalesces, and is made anew. What was once featureless has taken shape. Into the vacuous realm new concepts emerge:

Perception and will.

Thought and choice.

Ability and desire.

The newborn gazes upon its environment and feels its place in the universe. It knows individuality and chooses for itself a name. It is K’bael, and as it wishes, so shall reality obey.

But K’bael is not alone. It is distantly aware of others, those who also possess the tools to enact their will upon all. Soon these gods are to meet, and where want encounters opposition, so shall it give birth to war.

Thus begins the cycle. Thus is our truth written. From the ashes of conflict we find ourselves newly made.